Wigs made from natural and artificial hair, price

best wigs from natural and artificial hairThe store "Lace Front Wig" offers to buy the best wigs from natural and artificial hair - inexpensive options are available, as well as elite models. Consultants will help to choose a haircut or styling, which is ideal for your lifestyle, style of clothes, emphasizes facial features. We will find the perfect wig for you. The price on the site is indicative (may vary depending on the exchange rate), the exact price can be found in the store.

What determines the price of the wig?

1. Materials. For a short time (corporate, costume masquerade) and for the sake of economy, you can buy a wig from artificial hair - this is a cheap option. Natural hair in wigs, hairpieces and for building are more expensive.

2. Work. Products made by hand, refer to the premium segment and are evaluated accordingly. Factory versions are issued in identical batches. Their price, respectively, is lower.

3. Length, color and structure. Short hairstyles and long hairstyles, wavy and straight hair, color solutions and other characteristics affect the cost.

4. Discounts for regular customers - coming back to my store, you can buy models of wigs made from natural hair inexpensively. The size of the discount and the validity period is determined individually.

When trying on a wig or chignon, the consultant will offer a set of care products, answer all questions of interest. On sale there are male models.


1. Longevity of goods (production of well-known companies, modern Japanese materials), availability of certificates.

2. The best range of natural wigs on the Internet at prices that fully meet the quality of products.

3. Actual, constantly updated information on the store's website.

4. Personal discounts for regular and wholesale buyers.

5. Individual approach to customers.

The catalog of wigs made of artificial and natural hair on the site allows you to familiarize yourself with the assortment, find the items of interest and get information about prices. The form for questions on a particular wig is attached on the model page, you can contact by phone number or e-mail.

With each client, we will spend as much time as necessary to find a wig or chignon that perfectly matches the requirements. You can immediately determine the budget, specify the desired length and color of the hairstyle, and the representative of the store will demonstrate suitable options.

Information about the types of products and methods of payment

The cheapest wigs and hairpiecesThe final price of the product depends on the quality of the fiber from which the model is made, as well as on the technologies that were used in the manufacture. Fiber, which is made in Japan, is of different quality. One fiber dumps faster during socks, such as Kanekalon, and the other - Modakrylic - is considered the best quality in the world.

There are no analogues to this material yet (for quality and natural appearance it can not be distinguished from natural curls), since this fiber has been worn for many years and does not fall down. Mostly it produces wigs of a world-famous company, such as the German company Ellen-Wille, with whom we work.

Even models from natural hair of many brands fall more quickly than wigs made from fiber Modakrylic, for the following reasons:

1. Incorrect hair collection (ie, mix ends with roots);

2. Natural fibers are mixed with artificial fibers.

As for manufacturing techniques, different methods are used here, and the final cost of the product depends on it.

The product, completely manufactured by hand, will cost more than that produced in mixed equipment (manual + machine work).

The cheapest wigs and hairpieces are made entirely with the help of machines and inexpensive fiber.

We accept payment in several ways.

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