No Make Up Selfie Trend



This trend may not mean anything to you but if you regularly surf on the Internet and social networks, you probably saw a no make up selfie. Still not? However, this trend is a major current on Instram and Facebook. Stars arent afraid anymore to show their true image. From now on, theyve decided to unveil and stay natural! This is the No Make Up Selfie trend.

Sea Punk Trend


Sea Punk Trend

Sea what?

The Seapunk movement is born from a tweet wrote in 2011 by Lil Internet, a Dj from Brooklyn (crazy about manga and techno) in which he mentioned a dream, the one of  a leather jacket on which nails where shells which he signed with the now famous #seapunk. Then, this trend has been mainly spread on the Internet notably on the micro-blogging site : Tumblr.

Trend : chalkboard manicure



Ciaté, innovates once again ! After the Caviar manicure, the brand has launched the Chalkboard manicure.

A 6 steps kit made up with 5 felt pens, a black nail polish, a topcoat

1/ Apply a base coat

2/ Apply two coats of  matte black

3/ Air dry 15 minutes

4/ Give free rein to your imagination while designing the patterns of your choice

5/ Air dry 5 minutes

6/ Apply a matte topcoat to seal your work

Beauty patches


Nail patch

Some years ago, we bought patches in order to stop smoking.
This time is over.

Created in the United States in 2009, patches are now really fashion and usual in make-up and not only in nail art.
You can get eye-liners and lips patches (also called tatoos).
Its generally enriched with vitamins, lasts from 4 to 8 hours and it can be removed with sweet-almond oil or a wipe.