How to assume your FRO



All self-respecting Naturalista dreams to wear a pretty FRO or to be able to play with her hair whenever she wants. But here we are! How to assume it? This atypical and original hairstyle catches the eyes attention and sometimes it may be hard to accept people glance on ourself, even more if were shy. Here are some ingredients to help you assuming your FRO.

1/ A controlled FRO

I remember a conversation I had with my cousin after another misfortune with the hairstylist. I just wanted to cut my hair in a certain way but I was very disappointed by the outcome which was under my expectations. I didnt know why I was so upset. And then, I saw a girl in the street with a wonderful hairstyle. I said to my cousin : You see, this is what I want. She replied : Oh yeah! Actually you want a controlled FRO!. This is exactly the word I was looking for.

Nappy from France Meeting 2013


Recontre Nappy de France

Are you interested about frizzy or kinky hair? Are you hesitant about wearing your hair natural and need some advice? So, we look forward to seeing you on September the 7th for the 2nd edition of the Nappy from France meeting at l’Espace Business Home in the 20th district of Paris.

This year the sponsor is none other than the TV host, producer and editor Ayden, also known for the many events she presented (fashion and music festival, charity evening ceremonies, etc…).

Natural Hair Academy 2013



The last 9th and 10th of March took place the 2nd edition of the Natural Hair Academy on Bercy docks in Paris, during a 3h cruise dedicated to natural hair. A cant miss event as many key figures were here. To mention but a few : Felicia Leatherwood, a renowned american hairstylist specialised in frizzy hair; Karen Tappin, creator of the Karen’s body beautifull brand, Dr Kari Williams, dermatologist specialized in hair scalp, Sandra Buisson, responsible for Activilongs communication and also Ken Burkeen creator of the « famous » Hair Steamer (I didnt know it) but which seemed to meet with the unanimous approval from an audience of more than 150 curlfriends