My Make Up Beauty Bag



After having discovered my beauty secrets to have a beautiful skin, lets have a look at my make-up tips to have a flawless complexion skin.


1/ Before applying the foundation, its essential to use a make-up base. If you dont have any skin concerns, you can use a standard hydrating cream. For the acne-prone skins, you can use sebo-regulating creams. Thanks to these kind of creams, the skin doesnt shine. Pay attention to anti-acne creams which can dry the skin. Avoid eyes contours and prefer specific creams dedicated to the eyes.

2/ Then, apply a make-up base. It gives a very soft touch on the skin and makes the application of the foundation very easy. It will slide as a feather on your skin. There are 2 in 1 creams which regulate the sebum while matifying the skin. The aim is to hydrate your skin without make it shiny.

My beauty secrets to have a beautiful skin



People often say to me that I have a beautiful skin without any imperfections. One day, a girl stopped me in the street to ask what was my secret. Even though, this always makes me blush, I told to myself it may be true. Then I decided to share my beauty rituals with you.

The reality is that nobody is perfect. This is not a reason to let your beauty go. Many solutions exist to reduce blemishes and magnify the skins complexion.