Black Fashion Week



The event that shouldnt be missed this week-end : THE BLACK FASHION WEEK.

These words dont tell you much, excepted that it is about a fashion show like the ones which happened in Paris recently. But this is more than that! The Black Fashion Week, aside from gathering very talented designers, offers something unique in France : the recognition of the Black fashion. I was amazed about the creations, the models and the quality of the show…

Organized by Adama Event, the Black Fashion Week held for 2 days, the 5th and the 6th of October at the Pavillon Cambon Capucines in Paris. A sublime place which was up to my expectations and was representative of the quality of the show. The programme included : fashion shows, cocktail and after party.

Tiffanys Fashion Week Paris


Tiffany's Fashion Week Paris

Who hasn’t heard about the 2013 Fashion Week?

Whatever it was on TV, radio or magazines, you inevitably followed, directly or indirectly, the key event of the year for every Fashionistas. Who wouldn’t like to see a fashion show with unique collections, more splendid than the last? Accessible to a handful of people, a few had the chance to attend Haute Couture fashion shows. The Paris Fashion Week ended this week with the famous houses: Louis Vuitton, Vionnet, Miu Miu, Zadig & Voltaire and Hermès, to name but a few.