Boucles dEbene exhibition : a unique experience



The last 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June was held the 4th edition of the Boucles d’Ebène exhibition.

Created by 2 sisters, Aline and Marina Tacite, this event remains quite unique in France.

Focused on the afro-carribbean culture, this exhibition gathered many brands from various fields : Beauty, Fashion, Gastronomy, Culture, Art, Publishing

This years theme, the NATURAL hair!

Natural Hair Academy 2013



The last 9th and 10th of March took place the 2nd edition of the Natural Hair Academy on Bercy docks in Paris, during a 3h cruise dedicated to natural hair. A cant miss event as many key figures were here. To mention but a few : Felicia Leatherwood, a renowned american hairstylist specialised in frizzy hair; Karen Tappin, creator of the Karen’s body beautifull brand, Dr Kari Williams, dermatologist specialized in hair scalp, Sandra Buisson, responsible for Activilongs communication and also Ken Burkeen creator of the « famous » Hair Steamer (I didnt know it) but which seemed to meet with the unanimous approval from an audience of more than 150 curlfriends

Lauryn Hill An emblematic Nappy Girl



Born in 1975 in New Jersey, Lauryn Hill is an inspiring and amazing artist. A model for all the women of her generation. She was part of my teenage years and even though she has given way to a new generation of artists, shell remain a symbol of the black beauty.

Nappy trend

Hairstyles, Nappy world

Carol's Daughters

Born in  2005 in the United States, the Nappy (Natural & Happy) phenomenon can be defined as the will to go back to the original state of the hair and then to stop relaxing or using chemical treatments on frizzy or kinky hair.

As a real claim or for aestheticism, the Nappy community is growing in France as in the United States some years ago through: blogs, Facebook or Twitter pages and channels which are really successful.