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Aztec Nail Art

20 Jan

Aztec Nail Corner

One week ago, I attended to the 3rd edition of the nail art corner organized by Nailpatchme and Paolinanails.
It was an amazing meeting with Sarah, Nina and Paolina.
I had a great time with them and it was a pleasure to have my nails pampered.

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Beauty patches

5 Jan

Nail patch

Some years ago, we bought patches in order to stop smoking.
This time is over.

Created in the United States in 2009, patches are now really fashion and usual in make-up and not only in nail art.
You can get eye-liners and lips patches (also called tatoos).
Its generally enriched with vitamins and lasts from 4 to 8 hours and it can be removed with sweet-almond oil or a wipe.

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Magnetic Nail Art

22 Dec

magnetic nails

Used in combination with a special Nail Art Magnet, it creates extraordinary lines and optical effects, to be personalized according to your own creativity.

The special lacquer formula contains metal particles inside it that, when attracted by the magnet, move around until they form elegant lines. You only need to apply a thin layer of lacquer to obtain exceptional results.

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Water Marble Nail Art

22 Dec


What is the Water Marble ?

It consists in putting a drop of different nail polishes in a bowl of water. You can choose the color of your choice and get the shape you want (for instance a flower). To put the pattern on your nail you just need to dunk it in the water.

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Diet Coke Nail Polish

17 Dec


Diet Coke in the UK has partnered with Nails Inc. for a line of nail polish. The Diet Coke City limited edition is made up with 4 nail polishes : nude, purple, fuchsia and red. Colours are inspired from London, Paris, New York and Milan.

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