Silver Hair Trend


afro grey hair 3

Gray hair are often associated, in the collective psyche, with old age. Most of women rather look for hiding it and are ashamed people could see their gray hair. However, this color is very popular in the eyes of stars, and we see an increase of pictures and tutorials on social networks.

Why we like it?

The Silver Hair Trend follows on from the Sea Punk Trend. We rather prefer it pastel for a light result, easy to wear. This color is very appreciated by young people (20/30 old) and so by people who certainly dont have any gray hair originally. Not that this young women want to look older The Silver color is an original alternative to the platine already seen over and over again. A revisited, timeless and enchanting pastel, which would make some people think about The lord of the ring or more recently Game of Thrones. An antic and very modern color at the same time.

Black Men With Long Hair


Man with locks

Because there arent only women who love wearing their hair long, here is an article dedicated to men.

Adopted in all periods of history, long hair has a popularity and a social meaning which vary according to the cultures and the time. The hair length played a social key role, whatever it was a sign of integration or rebellion.

More often represented in a shape of locks or braids, more and more men wear their hair naturally frizzy. One would tend to think that men with long hair are not masculine, maybe androgynous. However, history tells us another story.

What kind of Natural Hair Lover are you?



We all have a specific relationship with our hair. Ultimate symbol of femininity, our hair represents a fully-fledged beauty accessory. Our story, the environment in which we grew up and our education played a key role in the way we see and accept ourself.

Here are a short quizz (translation in progress) which unveils the love quotient you have with your hair.

How to assume your FRO



All self-respecting Naturalista dreams to wear a pretty FRO or to be able to play with her hair whenever she wants. But here we are! How to assume it? This atypical and original hairstyle catches the eyes attention and sometimes it may be hard to accept people glance on ourself, even more if were shy. Here are some ingredients to help you assuming your FRO.

1/ A controlled FRO

I remember a conversation I had with my cousin after another misfortune with the hairstylist. I just wanted to cut my hair in a certain way but I was very disappointed by the outcome which was under my expectations. I didnt know why I was so upset. And then, I saw a girl in the street with a wonderful hairstyle. I said to my cousin : You see, this is what I want. She replied : Oh yeah! Actually you want a controlled FRO!. This is exactly the word I was looking for.