Big Bold Brows



The other day, I read an article about eyebrows in the AM NewYork. I often see People columns but rarely beauty topics. However, I found interesting information and I wanted to share it with you.

According to the consuming market research firm NPD group, the brows segment generated 122 millions $ in sales and is the fasted-growing category in the eye makeup arena with 28% sales increase in the 12 months ending in March 2014.

The trigger?

Many people believe that is the supermodel Cara Delevingne which spawned the trend. At 22 years old, the model is actually known for her prominent brows, which by the way, have their own Twitter account @eyebrow_cara.

The newspaper UKs Daily Mail thinks that Cara would be responsible for falling tweezer sales.

The nails favorite product



Most of women have difficulties to get their nails very long.

It breaks or splits into two sooner or later. And often, not always at the same time, letting your nails with different lengths from a finger to another.

We, then, have the tendency to give up on our nails. However, there is a miracle product: Hérôme.

Eye surgery


Chirurgie des yeux

I wanted to talk about this topic, simply because Ive realized that most people dont know what it is about or have a vague idea of what it is.


“The refractive surgery is aimed to correct eye optical anomalies like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, to optimally reduce dependance and glasses and/or lenses usage. It uses the most recent technologies of opthalmic lasers and intra-ocular implants.

I have always been short-sighted (or almost). I couldnt say what is my exact visual acuity but what I can say is that I had to wear my glasses to drive, to watch TV and at work.

Without my glasses, it was difficult for me to read long distance details or to recognize someone in the street. Once, someone described me as haughty because I didnt say Hello! (something which can seem pointless in NY but very important in France). Well. Yes!!! This is because I didnt see you…

In short, I didnt like wearing my glasses because I had the feeling to be locked and it gave me a very serious look.

When logos set up to our fingers’ tips



When I was young, people from my generation identified themselves to brands through the clothes they wore. You must have got the latest trendy sneakers or jacket. The brand, “an ostentatious sign of coolness”, gave and still gives a feeling of belonging to a group. More than an image, brands convey “an atmosphere, a character able to integrate people to a community sharing a common experience”*.

The addiction to a brand is nowadays further exposed thanks to social networks and the Facebook’s “Like” button. It consists not only to display one’s tastes but to claim it (e.g : I am personally an Apple addict).

The economic value of a brand mainly results from its “ethical wealth”, that is to say of the affects it arouses among consumers”*.