My story


My name is Déborah. I am French and Ive lived in Paris (you know, the capital of fashion and luxury!!!). Ive worked as a product manager in a French Haircare company dedicated to salon professionals. So, hair and beauty are ones of my favorite topics.

I am mixed. My father comes from West Indies and my mother from Brittany.

During my childhood, I knew that I was different from the other children because in the little town were I lived, there were few like me. I remember that my friends used to say that I was like white coffee. Mixed people were unusual at that place, at that time. But Ive never been ashamed about the color of my skin. On the contrary, Ive always thought that multiethnicity remains one of the most beautiful things on Earth.

However, Ive always been concerned about my hair as it is very frizzy. My relationship with my hair was not so easy as it was difficult to tame and to detangle. Furthermore, my mother didnt know how to style my hair as it was not inked in her culture and there were few products available in common stores. My hair made me crazy and it was hard for me to keep confidence as I didnt look like the other girls. I was envious of them as I thought that straight hair was more beautiful than frizzy one.

So, when I was fourteen, I decided to relax my hair. It was at the end of 90s, when it was trendy to have your hair straight like the RnB US singersTLC, Aliyah, the Destinys child At that time I seemed released as I looked like the other girls but I didnt realized that it didnt fit to my personality and that I was damaging my hair. I relaxed it during ten years, always obsessed with my regrowth. Till I understood that I was stuck again with my hair.

Seven years ago, I decided to have my hair natural in order to find my true self. It was the best choice I could do. Get my hair natural is for me the claim that I can be beautiful with frizzy hair, that what makes it so beautiful is its difference. I wanted to break the standards in favor of my genuineness.

Through this blog, I would like to share my experience and help people to accept who they are, where they come from and to be proud of it.

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