6 tips for buying and caring for a wig

Preparing for the holiday, an unsuccessful visit to the hairdresser, problems with hair, or a desire to change the image. The wig may be needed for different purposes. It is convenient, perfect looks, allows you to quickly create an attractive image at the right time.


With the choice of natural products should not rush, this is the case when the purchase should be considered.

Natural wigs are very similar to real hair.

How to choose quality wigs from natural hair? How should I take care of them?

When to wear a short wig, how to dress it properly and wear it

A ready hairstyle is always at hand - this is the main reason why women buy these accessories. Not everyone has time to visit the beauty salon, and a beautiful wig will help out in many situations.

The wig will allow you to try on your favorite hairstyle, haircut, if the length and structure of hair for it does not fit.

The difficulties with choosing and buying a wig are experienced first and foremost by buyers who do not have experience in acquiring this accessory

Choosing the right female wig can be very difficult.

1. Before buying a wig online, decide where and how you plan to use it.

2. Wigs for everyday wear and for a single trip to the corporate must be presented different requirements.

3. Wigs for holidays usually look ironic, as they are executed with grotesque.

4. To change the image or hide the problems of the head of hear, it is preferable to buy a natural wig. Although modern artificial wigs are almost in no way inferior to natural wigs.

5. When choosing a wig, remember that the color of the hair should match the color of your face.

6. The shape of the product is selected taking into account the structure of the head.

7. An erroneous selection will result in the wig picking up flaws.

Types of wigs made from natural and synthetic hair, short and long wigs

The choice of women's wigs is very wide. What to choose?

Depending on the purpose, hats-wigs are selected for natural hair, bald head. A patch for those who have a bald patch in part is called a half-wig. Separately allocate accessories for the theater, cinema. The category of wigs is not only hair, but also mustaches, eyebrows, braids, sideburns, jewelry made of hair, artificial curly hair.

Women's wigs made of natural hair are different from the base, so they are divided into three types:

1. Lace base with bangs. The bangs are not removed, as it covers the edge of the base.

2. Hair with a growth line. Such a wig does not require bangs, worn with any parting. It consists of two parts: the back lace half, front - a transparent, invisible growth line.

3. "Hollywood" - a strong foundation, indistinguishable from its own curls, able to withstand the windy rainy weather. It is made of a synthetic material, reminiscent of the structure of the scalp.

Natural wigs are made from 100% natural hair

How to choose and buy a quality wig for women in the online store

Before buying a wig for women, you need to know the size of the head and take into account, regardless of whether there are buckles on the product. Many do not know how to choose and buy a natural wig. We select the accessory taking into account the color of the strands. A win-win option is products that match the color of a woman's natural hair.

Owners of light or pale skin go ashy, black, light-brown versions of cold shades. For skin prone to redness or black skin, women advise shades of chestnut, warm light brown. In the presence of a golden-tinted skin, it is better to try red and light shades. Perfectly complements, corrects the appearance of the accessory, matched to the shape of the face.

Care for a wig from natural strands is simple.

As necessary, comb the wig in the direction of installation. For this, a comb with sparse teeth is suitable. If you plan to buy ready-made or make a wig from your hair, then you can later lay, curl and wind it on curlers.

Secrets of care for a wig

How to properly care for the wig, so that it looks great and long kept an excellent appearance.

A wig for women and men needs a delicate washing once every six months. It is better to turn to a specialized cleaning. But you can wash the product at home with shampoo for sensitive dry hair. Before the procedure, it should be placed on a base that repeats the shape of the head. For example, take the head of a hairless dummy. The product can not be turned out, soap gently in the direction of hair growth, rinse with warm water.

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