Dark Girls Photobook



3 years ago, Dark Girls was released. A moving documentary about afro-american women’s relationship with their skin.

Broadcasted on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey’s channel, Bill Duke’s movie had a huge success. For those who didn’t get a chance to see it, you can do it by clicking here.

The director decided to create a book about it through an incredible collection of pictures with women from every social classes. The book’s portraits have been magnified by the talented Barron Clairborne.

This self-taught photographer of xx years old (impossible to find his age on the Internet!!) started photography at 10 when his mother offered him his first camera. His work is inspired from history and mythology. Symbolic pictures which embody his African ancestors’ dreams, stories and traditions. His photographies appeared in numerous publications such as The New York Time MagazineRolling Stone and Interview among others. His pictures also have been displayed in museums and private collections all around the world.

The book is not only a set of pictures. It is also touching interviews, giving to each woman the opportunity to express what her skin color represents for her.

You will also find celebrities pictures such as Lupita NyongoLoretta DevineSheryl Lee RalphJudge Mablean Ephriam, and Brandi.

rsz_darkgirls2 rsz_darkgirls3

The book is available on Amazon.

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