Big Bold Brows



The other day, I read an article about eyebrows in the AM NewYork. I often see People columns but rarely beauty topics. However, I found interesting information and I wanted to share it with you.

According to the consuming market research firm NPD group, the brows segment generated 122 millions $ in sales and is the fasted-growing category in the eye makeup arena with 28% sales increase in the 12 months ending in March 2014.

The trigger?

Many people believe that is the supermodel Cara Delevingne which spawned the trend. At 22 years old, the model is actually known for her prominent brows, which by the way, have their own Twitter account @eyebrow_cara.

The newspaper UKs Daily Mail thinks that Cara would be responsible for falling tweezer sales.

However, several decades ago, it was another story. Marlene Dietrich for instance, shaved her off and penciled them in. Greta Garbos and Jean Harlows uber-plucked brows also marked their time, and probably launched the tweezer industry.


More recently, Brooke Shieldss strong brows were a banner but remain legendary. In October, the actress signed a new makeup collection for MAC Cosmetics after Rihanna and Lorde. An elegant line, with the Falls colors, which puts the actress at the center of the attention.


Cara Delevingne recently revealed the secret of her bold brows to the Interview Magazine. You just dont pluck them. Its really simple. I mean, I do obviously, a little bit, because otherwise Id had a mono-brow, but its just about keeping them free and wooly.

Romero Jennings, MAC Artistic Director, says that overly tweezed eyebrows are very difficult to recover and advice us to simply being less obsessed buy them.

I would say that, between too bold and nothing at all, there is a world. Why going so far? Some girls like Cara and Brooke look great with big bold brows. Just take care of yours because its the first thing people see. Their shape and color define your personality. Find which one fit you the most!!!

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