Brown Sugar Days


After the Women and the Peace days, here are the BROWN SUGAR DAY.

You certainly watched the movie  a classic in the Afro-American movies collection. Well, the A-KA agency gives you the opportunity to relive the movie on the big screen during a special day where 3 other major movies will be projected.

This is the first time I heard about an event like this in France. Actually, were not used to see a lot of afro-american movies here. I mean, in a movie theater, not on the couch. If your name is not Will Smith or Denzel Washington, its difficult.

But what is an afro-american movie?

Well, youre right, a movie is a movie. So, we can say that its an american movie but where the main characters are black. And unlikely to what some people may think, its not just about ghettos, gangsters and stray bullets.

Why talking about it?

Because there are really good afro-american movies which unfortunately have never been released in France. Certainly because the distributors are fearful and dont want to invest in movies they think niche, that is to say with a too small target.

Until recently, people talked about the polemic about the last Spike Lees movie Miracle at Santa Anna which has been censored in France. When I say censored, it means that the subsidiary of our main TV channel which should distribute the movie didnt meet its commitments and now needs to pay the grid (32 millions €) after having lost the lawsuit.

In short, besides watching the newest movies in streaming or buying DVDs on dedicated websites, there are few afro-american movies distributed in the French cinematographic market.

Here are some of my favorites movies.

  • Brown sugar
  • Think like a Man act like a lady (inspired from the book)
  • Good deeds
  • Jumping the Broom
  • Bagage Claim
  • Wright (starring Common and Queen Latifah)
  • Why did I get married
  • Lottery ticket (with my crush Bow wow)

I know, I love too much Chick Flicks

Love Life Paris event also proposes small projections during the summer but this is the first time someone creates a special day with big screen projections. And not just any screen : the GRAND REX one of the most famous place in Paris.

So, save the date. Rendez-vous the 8th of MARCH. A symbolic date as itll also be the International Womens Day.

Further information are coming soon on the dedicated website.

In the meantime, I encourage you to follow the FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.

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