The nails favorite product



Most of women have difficulties to get their nails very long.

It breaks or splits into two sooner or later. And often, not always at the same time, letting your nails with different lengths from a finger to another.

We, then, have the tendency to give up on our nails. However, there is a miracle product: Hérôme.

It is actually a nail hardener to apply as a cure for 2 weeks.


There are 2 strengths:

  • Extra Strong Nail Hardener (15,90€)
  • Strong Nail Hardener (14,90€)

You can buy it at Sephora, Nocibe or Mariaunaud.


Apply a first layer the first day, then a second layer the second day. The third day, remove the whole and apply a new layer again. And so on, for 2 weeks.

You need to be a little conscientious at the beginning. But it really worths it.

The product acts really quickly. After few days youll see the first results: your nails are stronger and longer and split less easier.

Rather start with the Strong Nail Hardener, as the product is very powerful. Furthermore, when you use the polish nail, make sure to apply a little amount and avoid any contact with the skin. Yes, it strips!!! Well, it can sting…

You can make a cure 2 to 3 times a year.

You can also apply it as a base when your nails seem a little tired.

Show me your nails, Ill tell you what you eat…

Our nails are the reflect of what we eat but also of our beauty and the way we take care of ourself.

Hérôme doesnt do everything. It repairs the nail on the surface but cant replace a healthy diet. You can also compensate your deficiencies with supplements for 2 to 3 month to give your nails all the nutrients their need.

To avoid breakage, you also need to take the habit to maintain your nails. Prefer the nail file rather than the nail clippers. It avoids to crack your nail and helps to sharpen its shape.

Now, its up to you!!!

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