Eye surgery


Chirurgie des yeux

I wanted to talk about this topic, simply because Ive realized that most people dont know what it is about or have a vague idea of what it is.


“The refractive surgery is aimed to correct eye optical anomalies like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, to optimally reduce dependance and glasses and/or lenses usage. It uses the most recent technologies of opthalmic lasers and intra-ocular implants.

I have always been short-sighted (or almost). I couldnt say what is my exact visual acuity but what I can say is that I had to wear my glasses to drive, to watch TV and at work.

Without my glasses, it was difficult for me to read long distance details or to recognize someone in the street. Once, someone described me as haughty because I didnt say Hello! (something which can seem pointless in NY but very important in France). Well. Yes!!! This is because I didnt see you…

In short, I didnt like wearing my glasses because I had the feeling to be locked and it gave me a very serious look.

However, what made me want to jump ahead is the fact I regularly practice sports. The problem is that wearing glasses when you sweat or when you move your body in every directions, is not very practical. And also a little risky for the glasses.

Then, for my 26 years (which seem very far now), I decided to allow myself to get a new pair ofeyes. Well, I work and rather to pay myself a trip, I put some of my savings in a surgery that we can qualify of “comfort”.

A comfort surgery is a non-mandatory surgery to make easier the patient daily life. And like every aesthetic surgeries, it is neither reimbursed by the social security (excepted sometimes for certain cataracts) nor by most of the mutual funds. The sick leave is also not supported.



The surgery is a real budget.  You cant do it impulsively. Id say it is the price of a beautiful trip to Kenya or Maldives. 1300€… each eye.

Nevertheless, you can see it as a long term invest. Even if glasses are mostly reimbursed, the support is more and more limited. According to Wikipedia, the average price for classic glasses is of 200€ (100€ for the frame and 100 € for the lenses). This average increases of 500€ (100€ for the frame and 400€ for the lenses) for progressive glasses. French pay directly from their pockets 45 % of the price. They pay indirectly the remaining 55%  through social contribution for the Social Security (10%) and mutual funds (45 %). 

Something interesting to think about!!! The surgery is amortized at the end of 10 years.

NB: I dont have the costs for the other countries, but if someone have this information especially for the US it could be very interesting.



  • You are more than 18 years old
  • Your visual default is stable for some years
  • Your vision with glasses and contact lenses is correct for both eyes
  • You dont have any evolutive or not treated ocular or general diseases
  • Youre not pregnant or not gave birth for at least 4 months

Of course, a preoperative workup is mandatory. The goal is to check that everything is fine and to determine what is the best method according to each case.



I was a little stressed the day I went to the clinic but so exited at the same time. We always ask ourself questions till the last moment, especially when they ask you to sign a discharge in case the surgery would screw up ;)

I had further monitoring tests before the surgery. Unfortunately, mine came back less positive than the beginning. And just before going under the knife, the surgeon informed me that the classic surgery is not recommended and if I want better results, another surgery is suggested. The problem is that the other surgery is more complicated and more painful

In short, the classic surgery, consists in 2 laser shots. In 5 minutes its done! Then you have a sensation of sand under the eyes. A little unpleasant but nothing serious. 2 days after you can go back to work.



Once your eyes have been anesthetized with drops, the surgeon slightly scrapes the surface of the eyes with a scalpel. Then, he gives you laser shots like in the classic surgery. So far, so good! Before going back home with your glasses (like a star), the doctor advices you to buy reliefs drugs (Dafalgan Codéïné).

My clinic being located in Paris in the 16th district, the time to go back home with my mother (yes, never leave alone after a surgery) and to go to the pharmacy, the pain was here. And then, this is not a sensation of sand under the eyes… it was like I had nettles under the eyes. The first nigh was difficult. Fortunately drugs exist!!! It makes you sleep and when you sleep you dont feel the pain. I had to put protective shells and put drops in my eyes regularly. The problem is that it hurts so much, I couldnt open the eyes. My father tried to do so with his big hands. Of course, he didnt know how to do and it must be disturbing when you see someone crying

Anyway… at the end of 3 days, I could finally open my eyes. I went to the doctor for a check-up and to remove the protective lenses he put after the surgery. The RELEASE…

I went back to work at the end of 5 days rather than 2. My vision was blurred, furthermore, I had to work on a computer all day long.

After 2 weeks, the first outcomes…. I see CLEAR. I feel myself relieved a second time…

Even though my experience seems reserved, for nothing I regret the surgery. Now, I feel free of all my movements. My face is also bare. Its like a new me. So, I advice this surgery to all the people who hesitate. Take your chance to see the world through new eyes!!!

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