Silver Hair Trend


afro grey hair 3

Gray hair are often associated, in the collective psyche, with old age. Most of women rather look for hiding it and are ashamed people could see their gray hair. However, this color is very popular in the eyes of stars, and we see an increase of pictures and tutorials on social networks.

Why we like it?

The Silver Hair Trend follows on from the Sea Punk Trend. We rather prefer it pastel for a light result, easy to wear. This color is very appreciated by young people (20/30 old) and so by people who certainly dont have any gray hair originally. Not that this young women want to look older The Silver color is an original alternative to the platine already seen over and over again. A revisited, timeless and enchanting pastel, which would make some people think about The lord of the ring or more recently Game of Thrones. An antic and very modern color at the same time.

How to get it?

On dark hair, the process consists in bleaching the hair with peroxide (30 or 40 volumes) to get a light blonde/very light blonde (tone levels 8/9). This process needs a lot of precision and the result can vary according the hair sensitivity and its porosity. The more you lighten your hair, the more you risk to damage it. So, it is not always necessary to lighten your hair too much (9/10). As every coloring/bleaching techniques, it is recommended to go to the hairdresser/colorist. 
Once your hair is bleached, this is the toner which gonna give the silver color to your hair. It is a semi-permanent coloring product made up with ash pigments . A color which fades with shampoo and youll have to maintain regularly. 
The hair which has undergone some chemical actions needs specific cares. Ensure to moisturize it as often as possible. 
So, what do we think?
Id say that this color needs to be done at least once in ones life. And if its not with a bleaching, this is the time which will invite you to.

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