When logos set up to our fingers’ tips



When I was young, people from my generation identified themselves to brands through the clothes they wore. You must have got the latest trendy sneakers or jacket. The brand, “an ostentatious sign of coolness”, gave and still gives a feeling of belonging to a group. More than an image, brands convey “an atmosphere, a character able to integrate people to a community sharing a common experience”*.

The addiction to a brand is nowadays further exposed thanks to social networks and the Facebook’s “Like” button. It consists not only to display one’s tastes but to claim it (e.g : I am personally an Apple addict).

The economic value of a brand mainly results from its “ethical wealth”, that is to say of the affects it arouses among consumers”*.

Then, every mean is being employed to display your love for a brand. Nail Art is a good example. As its name implies, it is an art full of originality. After pandas, flowers and so on, the brands’ logos set up till our finger’s tips. Whatever the field: luxury, new technologies, or food, what count is the emotional characteristics brands have developed with their fans.

Finally, do nails or more generally the body is becoming an advertising support in its own? Even though it is less visible than a subway board or a press ad, it positively allows claiming our love for a brand and indirectly gives it style and stature. Because that’s the person herself who promotes the brand, not the brand anymore.

* According to the sociologist Adam Arvidsson.

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