Black Men With Long Hair


Man with locks

Because there arent only women who love wearing their hair long, here is an article dedicated to men.

Adopted in all periods of history, long hair has a popularity and a social meaning which vary according to the cultures and the time. The hair length played a social key role, whatever it was a sign of integration or rebellion.

More often represented in a shape of locks or braids, more and more men wear their hair naturally frizzy. One would tend to think that men with long hair are not masculine, maybe androgynous. However, history tells us another story.

The first people known for wearing dreadlocks were Egyptians. Dreadlocks were synonymous of power and wealth because it was mainly worn by royal families. In India, the god Shiva and his disciples wore intertwined hair knots. According to some historic writings, dreadlocks also appeared in the Aztec and Asiatic cultures.

Nowadays, dreadlocks are worn by some African peoples (including Masaïs) and more commonly in Jamaïca within rastafaris. Locks are the deep expression of a religious or spiritual belief, the demonstration of an ethnic pride, a political link, or simply an aesthetic preference.

More generally, whatever youre a man or a woman, hair is an expression field which reflects our personality.

Long hair undeniably gives men a kind of character and a sensuality of their own, which one can hardly describe.

2 thoughts on “Black Men With Long Hair

  1. The difference betewen Locks and Twists are:TWISTS are the stage that hair goes through to become locks. Twists are simply bunches of hair that have been twisted together , and look like locks. The primary difference is that twists can unravel- they arent permanent. Most people get twists, and keep them in for a few weeks, then have them taken out for a new hair style.Twists are typically shorter in length; they are normally no more than 1 to 2.5 inches long.LOCKS on the other hand are the advanced stage of twisted hair. When twists mature, they began to tangle the hair is actually knotted at this point. When a twist reaches this stage (after about 6 months), it starts to become permanent. The hair is so knotted that it is locked in. Typically, the only way to remove locks are to cut them down to the point where they havent fully knotted yet- that means probably cutting the hair down to within an inch of the scalp.Twists- Shorter/TemporaryLocks- Longer/PermanentPS. Locks can be short. But typically, if you see really short locks, theyre likely just twists

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