How to assume your FRO



All self-respecting Naturalista dreams to wear a pretty FRO or to be able to play with her hair whenever she wants. But here we are! How to assume it? This atypical and original hairstyle catches the eyes attention and sometimes it may be hard to accept people glance on ourself, even more if were shy. Here are some ingredients to help you assuming your FRO.

1/ A controlled FRO

I remember a conversation I had with my cousin after another misfortune with the hairstylist. I just wanted to cut my hair in a certain way but I was very disappointed by the outcome which was under my expectations. I didnt know why I was so upset. And then, I saw a girl in the street with a wonderful hairstyle. I said to my cousin : You see, this is what I want. She replied : Oh yeah! Actually you want a controlled FRO!. This is exactly the word I was looking for.

To assume your FRO, you need to get a haircut which fits with this look. An asymmetric haircut wont give you the volume you need. I invite you to have a look on my post : The perfect FRO

Contrary to what one might think, an FRO needs maintenance. Its like a garden. It needs to be watered and cut, and weeds have to be removed. Because one reaps what one sows, hair has to be moisturized, to receive the haircare it needs and be freed from split ends.

2/ The self confidence

It is an evidence for some  people but self confidence is not given to everybody. If you dont accept yourself, it is hard to accept peoples glance. Needless to say that with an FRO you wont remain unnoticed. Dont worry, confidence is something which can be practiced. The first times I went out with my FRO in the street, I was so embarrassed I wanted to hide. And, finally, with time, I dont even paid attention to people. So, at the beginning, force yourself!

There are also the questions and the perception of co-workers. I have the chance to work in the hairdressing field, however, I suprised more than one. But I can tell you that my FRO won unanimous support. Even though a lot of people couldnt wear it, there are people who appreciate difference. One of my colleague loves my hair and loves touching it as its s soft. It positively touches me. Sometimes, we expect negative reactions from people but this is not the case. So, trust yourself and the people who surround and support you.

3/ Dont look for perfection
My meeting with Taren Guy gave me the opportunity to change my perception of perfection but also my relationship with my hair. What she conveid during her conference at the Natural Hair Academy left a deep impression on me. To be happy, you need to stop looking for perfection. Kinky and frizzy hair is different by nature. Unlike straight hair, we never know how it will behave from a day to another.

You need to get used to what Nature gives to you. For this, you have to accept yourself and realign what beauty means to you (which is subjective from a person to another). Does a thing is more beautiful because it is straight and symmetrical? Evreybody cant conform themselves and fit the mould, and this is exactly where true beauty lies : within difference, originality and unicity.

So you must learn to appreciate your curls even the bad days. And if youre too tired to deal with it, you can have a break from time to time and prefered protective styles. Feel free to accessorized your FRO to give it a touch of originality (hair bands, flowers…).

Here are some inspirational pictures, which, I am certain, will give you more confidence to wear this classic hairstyle.

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