No Make Up Selfie Trend



This trend may not mean anything to you but if you regularly surf on the Internet and social networks, you probably saw a no make up selfie. Still not? However, this trend is a major current on Instram and Facebook. Stars arent afraid anymore to show their true image. From now on, theyve decided to unveil and stay natural! This is the No Make Up Selfie trend.

The origine

The original idea comes from a young unknown woman, Fiona Cunningham, who lives in the UK. After the Oscars ceremony where she saw Kim Novak with no make up, she decided to create a Facebook page where she suggested to the Internet users to send pictures of us with no make up. To make people more concerned, she relied on a good cause : the fight against cancer and encouraged people for donations. The official page now gathers more than 260.000 likes and has already collected more than 9,5 millions $ gift.

Le phenomenon has gained significant momentum on an international level, not only within the public but also among show business personalities : Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Lilly Allen, Lady Gaga…even barbie couldnt resist.

But, is this a buzz or a true need to show oneself how once are? I want to say whatever.

What is incredible, is the virality of the concept which becomes gathering  above frontiers, communities and social classes.

Futhermore, these stars, who are models for thousand fans, take the risk to break their image. But it make them more touching and human. The opportunity to remind who we truly are behind all these artifices and to appreciate ourself again.

What about men in this story ?

Woman have preconceived ideas about mens preferences regarding beauty. However, a survey recently conducted by the British psychologist Alex Jones, concludes that men prefer more natural woman, with not too much make up. Cosmetic brands have already understood this while launching the nude or second skin trend which lasts for more than a year now.

Should we have to make up?

Personally, I feel better and more beautiful with make up. For some women, make up can be a mean to recover self confidence and be more feminine. Others, dont need it to be pretty. Whatever, make up has to be an asset and not a obligation. Feel free to have a break during the year to let you skin breath. The summer is the perfect time to free yourself.

Finally, I couldnt finish this post without having a No Make Up selfie. Discover me, naturally, among the collection of pictures I prepared for you!!!

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