A very special day at the Natural Hair Academy



You may have heard about the Natural Hair Academy. You know, the annual event which celebrates natural hair and the beauty in all its forms. Then, the Natural Hair Academy organized its 3rd edition last Saturday in an atypical place : the Espace Tapis Rouge in Paris.

This year, the Natural Hair Academy seduced more than 1.000 attendees and gathered some reknown speakers. Among them : Felicia Leatherwood, Monroes sisters, Ken Burkeen ( founder of Huetiful hair steamer), Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge (creators of Mixed Chicks) and the eagerly awaited Taren Guy.

nha-14 (1)

In the programme, some conferences which occurred all day long and many workshops. The Iman Make Up bar and the Phytospecific corner dedicated to hair diagnostics were very successful. A pop up store was also available with a lot of à la carte products.

The afternoon, I had the honor to welcome Taren Guy. I will not hide from you the anxiety I had to the idea to meet one of the biggest vloggers of the moment.  For those who dont know her, Taren represents more than 195.000 Youtube channel subscribers, hundreds videos, a total of  19 millions of views, 91.000 followers on Instagram and 137.000 fans on her  Facebook page. Eventually, Taren is a discreet woman, very smily and as pretty as in her pictures. During the Natural Hair Academy, Taren held a series of interviews and photo shoots with her fans.

The 200 luckiest woman whom the ticket has been selected had the opportunity to attend her conference which closed off the day in style. A room full of excitement which waited for precious advice.  During the conference, Taren told about her story and why she decided to create her Youtube channel. She also explained how to make up with our hair. What makes us hate our hair, is also what makes it unique. Whatever our hair is wavy, curly, frizzy or kinky, we all are beautiful. What is important is to accept ourselves. She reminds us, that we need first to work on ourselves rather than having the perfect curl. Taren had a great pleasure to answer the attendees questions and confide tips to recover self-confidence.

It was the first time Taren came in France. She won unanimous support. She promised to came back within her Luv & Learn Your Hair tour. One thing is certain, Taren has realized how many fans she has and how big is the demand in France.

The Natural Hair Academy has taken a new turn this year. It remains a unique event in France which, I am certain, will become increasingly important and will be a model for future initiatives.

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