My Multi-Purpose haircare


Activilong Multi-Purpose spray

The ALL-IN-ONE trend is everywhere! After the mobile phone which do everything, the BB & CC-creams,  the haircare market couldnt avoid it.

Frizzy and kinky hair has now their multi-action haircare : the no-rinse Activilong Multi-Purpose Mask Spray made up of argan and keratin.


  • Nourrishes and repairs
  • Detangles and softens
  • Makes the styling easier
  • Preserves the haircolor
  • Protects from heating devices
  • Instantly seals porous areas
  • Prevents from puffy hair caused by humidity
  • Tames frizzy hair
  • Prolonges the styling, especially the straightening
  • Gives hair a cashmere-like finish

This haircare is perfect to straighten the hair or to style curly/frizzy hair.

  • It makes the brushing easier and makes the hair silky
  • It redefines the curls and repairs damaged ends

It can be used on dry  or wet hair, according to your preferences. You just have to evenly spray 5 to 15 sprays depending on hair length and type.

It is perfect to active women who want to quickly style their hair.


  • 94% of natural origin
  • A fluid and light texture
  • A sweet fragrance which takes the users on a journey
  • Doesnt stick
  • Doesnt create residues
  • This product won the Victoire de la Beauté 2013/2014 award

Activilong multi purpose spray Multi purpose spray

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