My Make Up Beauty Bag

28 Dec

Ma Trousse Make Up

After having discovered my beauty secrets to have a beautiful skin, lets have a look at my make-up tips to have a flawless complexion skin.


1/ Before applying the foundation, its essential to use a make-up base. If you dont have any skin concerns, you can use a standard hydrating cream. For the acne-prone skins, you can use sebo-regulating creams. Thanks to these kind of creams, the skin doesnt shine. Pay attention to anti-acne creams which can dry the skin. Avoid eyes contours and prefer specific creams dedicated to the eyes.

2/ Then, apply a make-up base. It gives a very soft touch on the skin and makes the application of the foundation very easy. It will slide as a feather on your skin. There are 2 in 1 creams which regulate the sebum while matifying the skin. The aim is to hydrate your skin without make it shiny.

My favorite products : 

  • Différine anti-acne gel by the Galderma Laboratoiries  30g
  • Nirvanesque by Nuxe 15 ml : first expression lines and anti-dark circles eye contour cream
  • LissVelours by Agnès b 30ml :  smoothing and fixing make-up base
  • Matifying and Unifying cream by Nuhamciam 40ml : long lasting sebum balance

Base de teint


1/ Then comes my favorite part : the application of the foundation. I spent a lot of time to find the brand which fits to me. I use  Black Up for many years now. Its just perfect to me. For the story, my reference was out of stock, once, at the Printemps Haussman, in Paris, where I use to buy it. I  had to run all around the town to find a shop to get it.  My foundation perfectly covers my imperfections without doing a mask effect. I use the tint N°02 which perfectly matches my complexion and reveal its radiance.

2/ Another essential product : the anti dark circles. This is not a cream but a kind of foundation for the eyes. It hides the circles and gives a glowing effect. I use the high-quality professional brand : MAC Cosmetics.

Fond de teint

Tip : I also use te anti-dark circles as a corrector to lighten the dark areas of my face and create reliefs (chin, eyebrows contours, nose etc…)

3/ Then, apply a powder on the entire face to matify it as much as possible. The summer, you can use it alone, to keep a natural look. Dare golden or dark tints when you are tanned. Use a brush to evenly spread the powder. I dont like sponges. I use the Sephora XL N°49 Powder Brush.

Pinceaux Sephora

4/ Finally, finish your complexion with a blush which will give you a glowing effect. Here again, use an adapted brush. I especially like the Sephora Beveled Blush Brush.

My favorite products : 

  • Black Up High Covering Cream Foundation 30 ml
  • MAC Cosmetics Anti Dark Circles NW25  5ml
  • Black Up Compact Powder Two Way Cake  TW01 11g
  • Make Up Forever Mat Bronze Sunny Powder (ref 40) 10g
  • Agnès b Sunny Bath Effect Powder (ref : Medium) 9g
  • Black Up Blush BL09

Poudre Black Up


Depending on the occasions, I use different colors palettes : pastels, beiges, browns, golden… to go to work or darker for special occasions. I always start the eyes step with the eyebrows to create a frame before putting the eyes shadows. I finish with the mascara or the eyelashes.

Tips : add a second layer of eye-liner after putting the eyelashes to hide the possible demarcation between your eyelashes and the fake ones. The glues sold in the eyelashes boxes are not always efficient. So, you can buy it separately (Ex : LashGrip sold at Sephora). Dont put mascara on fake eyelashes as you risk to damage it. Dont put mascara on your natural eyelashes in order to let it naturally melt with the fake ones.

My favorite products : 

  • Agnès b Ultra Black khôl
  • Black Up Black Eye liner
  • Agnès b Brown Eyebrows Pencil
  • Agnès b Eyebrows Brush
  • Black Up Mascara / Eyelashes Effect Mascara Black Drama Gemey Maybelline
  • Eylure Naturalites Eyelashes (ref 070 for a natural effect)
  • Make Up Forever  (to create smoky eyes)
  • MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadows Palette RiRi collection

Maquillage Yeux


I have so many lipsticks, I dont know where to start.

  • To get a natural effect I use : Black Up N°01 , Réserve Naturelle Transparent Lip Gloss.
  • To get a glamorous effect I use : Black Up N°17 mat, Make Up Forever 36 Fuchsia Satiné, Iman Palette

Rouges à lèvre

To conclude, my Make-Up beauty bag its a bit like the ring in The lord of the rings. My precious!!!

I sometimes do nightmares where I dream I go on vacation and I forget… my make-up bag!!! It can seem childish or superficial, but it just makes me feel beautiful and gives me the opportunity to reinvent myself everyday

And you? What is your ring?

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