The Come Back



No, this is not a post about this movie Music and Lyrics (Le Come back in French) with Hugh Grant (a fallen singer from the 80s) and Drew Barrymore (his lyrics writer).

Its just that I dont believe I didnt post for more than one month. Thought, I swore to myself to be more regular and imaginative in my articles. But the reality is that everyday life has won. Even if I have absolutely no excuses, I admit that its sometimes hard to find the time and the motivation to write. The good news is it always ends to come back.

The fact is the mailman woke up me this morning at 8:30 to give me a packet. Has Santa Claus forgotten a gift in his sack? In a certain way. A gift which has given me the will to write again (Ill tell you more in a next article). Then, this is with a lot of enthusiasm I am writing to you today, on this Friday 27th of December (yes, yes you can mark it in your calendar). Except the fact a blog needs to be maintain, Ive realized that I have a lot of things to say and I am not short of ideas.

To be honest, I am actually at a turning point in my life. I have 1 more year before passing the famous stage that every young people fear. The stage where you have a 3 instead of a 2 and this is not the 2nd character… In any event, I approach it as an opportunity to question myself about my life and what I did. After all, I achieved a lot of things : I did the studies I always wanted to do. I do the job I planned. I have the flat I chose. Yes, but Ive realized I havent achieved the dream of my life yet : the one to live abroad. Even though I have a lot of things to learn, this fact teaches me that life goes fast and its risky to systematically postpone the important things to a later that never arrives. When were 20, we think we have the whole life ahead and well have enough time to do the things when we grow up.  Yes but when we grow up,  we let life carry us and at the end we realize it is behind us.  Life is NOW. Then, you need to achieved your dreams NOW. 2014 a DECISIVE year?

It is the same for my posts. In life, we need to take the time

So, talk to U very very soon.

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