My beauty secrets to have a beautiful skin

27 Dec

Mes secrets de beauté pour avoir une belle peau

People often say to me that I have a beautiful skin without any imperfections. One day, a girl stopped me in the street to ask what was my secret. Even though, this always makes me blush, I told to myself it may be true. Then I decided to share my beauty rituals with you.

The reality is that nobody is perfect. This is not a reason to let your beauty go. Many solutions exist to reduce blemishes and magnify the skins complexion.

Reduce blemishes :
To be honest, I didnt always have a beautiful skin. We all passed the stage of all self-respecting teenagers : the acne. I regularly went to the dermatologist for almost 10 years and I dont regret anything. With a few maintaining and doing the right things you can get impressive outcomes.

The problem with acne is that, on black skins, it lets persistent marks which can last for several months or several years. Actually, to heal, the skin produces melanin which enables the stains to appear after spots, burns or stings appearance.

Of course, there are many creams to prevent the acne appearance and reduce the stains. For many years Ive used Différine cream, the morning, before applying my foundation,  and Sébium anti-blemishes serum, the evening before going to sleep. I dont have any acne now but I continue using it in alternance with other creams. My skin is clear and my pores tightened.

Différine gel              Sébium sérum

Another good solution to reduce the acne effects : the pill. More or less dosed, it helps to reduce significantly blackheads appearance. Nevertheless, regulation has changed in France. Since the end of December 2012, the National Agency for Medicine Security (ANSM) recommanded to every healthcare professionals likely to prescribe an oral contraceptive to systematically prefer the 2nd generations pills as the first-line treatment, rather than 3rd generation pills because of the important risk of thrombosis. For more information, you can have a look on:

Whatever your acne severity, I strongly recommend you to see a dermatologist. For a very persistant acne, there is a  ra-di-cal solution : Roaccutane. In a form of tablets, this treatment can literallly change your life. Nonetheless, there are contra-indications and side effects. These facts must be considered before starting the treatment.

Sublimate your skin complexion :
After fighting the cause : the acne, lets fight the effects : the stains. There are also many products to treat this concern but paid attention to not confuse them with whitening products. The aim here is to unify the skin complexion and not to become Mickael Jackson. I tried 2 made in France brands : Nuhamciam and Amétis Cosmetics.

- Nuhamciam : created in January 2011 by Muriel Berradia (from Indian origins), this brand has been conceived to answer to the dark  skins specificities. This cutting edge products, with proven efficiency, reduce pigmentary imperfections and unify skin complexion and radiance.

I tried for you : the Matifying and Unifying Fluid (as a base for the foundation) and the Gentle Scrub.

Results : a clear skin, a matte complexion, reduced stains.


- Amétis Cosmetics : created by Marie Paget after 4 years of research, this range of products dedicated to ethnic and black skins is 100 % plant-based. It has been conceived with the greatest respect for age-old traditions linked to beauty and using the ancestral recipes legacy.

I tried for you : the White Cream (the evening for its onctuous texture) and the White Peeling (once a week).

Results : a radiant complexion, less dark areas, a guaranteed healthy glow effect.


Last piece of advice : Always remove your make-up before going to bed (yeah I know, its hard when you had a big party night till 5:00 am). I also advice you to apply a Cleansing Gel just after (I use Nivea at the moment). Its crazy all you can remove with this product!

As youve seen, this is a real ritual. But dont worry, with time, it becomes automatic and it goes faster. And the results will encourage you to go on. Be patient!!!


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