Mix Beautys After Work



The last 24th of october, Mix Beauty organized an after work party about natural hair in one of its store in the suburbia of Paris.

On the agenda :

  • Cocktail reception
  • Workshop to learn how to maintain you hair using  the good products
  • How to style your hair
  • Q&A
  • Hairstyle demonstration

I was glad to meet Simone alias Beautiful Pindi who hosted the workshop. She explained that a good hair routine is made up of 5 steps :

  • Step 1 : the Pre-poo

This step is perfect for the women who are transitionning. Black women have actually one of the poorer hydrolipidic film. The pre-poo consists in massaging the hair to stimulante the sebaceous glands and then activate the the blood micro circulation. More the bulb is irrigated, more it supports hair growth. To carry out the pre-poo, you just need to section the hair in 4 or 6 parts and to apply an oil while massaging the scalp with your fingers. It also consists in detangling the hair with your fingers and to secure the sections by twisting the hair. You can leave on the oil for 30 minutes (or 15 minutes under activator).

Tips : the ends are the more damaged part of the hair as it is the oldest one. Split ends indicate a lack of hydration. So you have to cut the ends as often as necessary. Healthy hair can be cut only once a year. More a hair is healthy, more it grows quickly!

  • Step 2 : the Shampoo

It is recommanded to wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo. Why? Sulfate is not bad in itself as it is known for perfectly cleaning the hair. The problem is that it can remove, from the surface of the hair, the bad as the good. The goal, here, is to clean the scalp still with the sections previously done during the pre-poo. It is not important to apply the shampoo all along the hair. A good shampoo doesnt foam, it just clings on the dirt. Once this step is done, gently rinse and dry your hair. One shampoo a week is enough.

There is also another method to wash your hair : the Co-wash (or no-poo) : it consists in washing your hair with a conditionner. This method is born because of the presence of sulfate in the shampoo sold in the market. As frizzy and kinky hair is naturally dry, the goal is to preserve its hydration capital. A shampoo with sulfate can however been applied once a month.

Tip : the women who have braids can dilute their shampoo or conditionner with water. 

  • Step 3 : the Deep conditioner or Deep Mask

This step will give to the hair all the hydration it needs. You can leave on the mask as long as you need :  30 minutes or all night long. You can rinse your hair with tepid water and may finish with cold water to give shine to your hair. Excepted on porous hair. Hair porosity  corresponds to the capacity of the scales to open and close itself and then to accept the hydration which is given. To know if your hair is porous, you just need to put a fibre in a glass of water. If the hair sinks, it indicates it is porous.

Tips: if you have colored hair, you can add protein, keratin or amino-acid to your mask. Homemade recipe : add honey or argan oil to your haircare products. 

Attention! When you dry your hair, the aim is to remove the exess of water but not all the water. 

  • Step 4 : the leave-in Conditionner 

It protects the hair from pollution and hydrates it. The leave-in conditionner has to be applied on damp hair. If you want a stretched curl, it is when your are is wet that it is the more malleable. This step is also the styling phase.

Tip : you can choose to air dry your hair. However, if you prefer the hair-dryer, pay attention to adjust it to a cold temperature to not damage or dehydrate your hair..

  • Step 5 : the Sealing

The hair hydration remains a permanent work. To be sealed, hydration can be given by an oil or a cream : the night, when the body is regenerating, or the morning. Your best friend : the silk scarf which will protect the hair and act like a band-aid.

Tip : you can add infused rosemary leaves with glycerine in a little water and apply your concocted potion thanks to a spray.

We also saw a  hairstyle demo and had a full access to the store with 20% off. Gift bags were also offered. In short, all the attendees were spoiled.

A really nice party which  reassured me about the fact that more and more things are done to teach and advice women with natural hair. So, I would like to thank Mix Beauty for this beautiful evening.

The Mix Beautys After Work is an event sponsored by Design Essential, an american brand created 15 years ago  and offers a styling range of products to redefine the curls.

For more information http://www.designessentials.com

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