Hair color chalking

21 Sep

FMH Hair color chalking

Did you heard about hair color chalking?

Its a funny way to color your hair and get really cool hairstyles.

How to chalk your hair ? 

First, here are the tools you need :

  • A worn T-Shirt
  • Soft pastels chalks
  • A spray bottle with water
  • A pair of gloves
  • A flat iron

Its a simple 3 steps process :

  • Step 1 : damp your hair with water (this step can be skipped for blonde hair)
  • Step 2 : apply the desired color chalk to a small strand (you can choose to apply it all along the strand or just on the ends). Twisting your hair as you chalk will release more pigment. Repeat the process with each color
  • Step 3 : let your hair dry then style it with an iron flat. It is not recommended to use any styling products on your hair (excepted hairspray if you want to lock the color in place).

Hair chalking looks better on blonde hair but if you choose bright colors you can achieve great hairstyles on dark hair too.

To remove it, you just need to wash your hair.

The chalks exist in stick or bubble shapes.

Products available on :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Nothing better than a video to see how it looks like.

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