Forever Old Fashion

27 Aug

Old School 1

Retro: whose style reminds a past time – Synonym: old style, old fashion – French: Rétro, Kitsh”

The retro look: a style which is both past but remains, however, very actual. This year, for instance, has been very rich with old fashion trends: flashy ethnic prints, top crop, bling bling chains, swag glasses, not to mention the eternal denim worn as a shirt or as ripped jeans What I like in the retro style, is that it’s complete. We find it both in the outfit, the accessories but also in the hairstyle.

A style where natural hair is king

For women, prefer frizzy wild hairstyles. You don’t need to have an elaborated look but rather a casual one. So, ladies ! Don’t be afraid to release your pretty mane !

For men, prefer a high controlled afro. An original haircut which requires minimum maintenance. For the bolder, you can dare the bleaching touch Will I AM gives us a perfect example with his quite recherché asymmetric haircut.

Fashion comes and goes comes back and goes again


So, don’t hesitate anymore to keep your clothes in your wardrobe. A day, it will be trendy again

I love the Old School trend as it reminds me my teenage years and the time spent to watch my favorite series: The prince of Bel Air, Saved by the bell or also Parker Lewis can’t lose

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Retro Kidz is also a US rappers crew, which symbolizes a new generation of hip-hopers. The crew was born in 2008 with a common goal: revives the 2 decades ago Retro style. Their atypical look created the buzz: old fashion hairstyles, Nike Force sneakers, African medaillons, washed-out denim and colorful clothes. Made up of 9 rappers/dancers : Kool Kid, J $mooth, Sur Fresh A Lot, Joe Ski, Skytel 88, Lucky 80s, Ill Will, and 1st Lady, the Brooklyn crew hold the attention of Armand Van Helden who produced their 1st single New Era, a sample of  Snap! The Power. They plan to launch their own clothing line.

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