My hair routine


Because of its specificty, frizzy hair needs a particular attention. Dry by nature, it needs hydration and tailor-made products. So, it is important to instaure what a lot of  curlfriends call a hair routine. To do so, choose  a day particularly quiet (Sunday for instance) : perfect to start the week on a high note. This ritual will help you to create a privileged moment  and to make peace with your hair. Feel free to dramatize this moment of relaxation. Put some music and candles to create a cocooning  atmosphere. Caring your hair has to be an enjoyable moment of pampering and not a torture.Step 1 : the shampoo. I generally advice to shampoo your hair twice. The 1st shampoo removes residues of products or pollution and can be rinsed quickly. The 2nd one can be left on longer and used as a care (5 min). I advice to use a sulfate-free shampoo which is more adapted to frizzy or kinky hair and can avoid the stripping and rough effects.

Step 2 : the rinse-off detangling conditioner. Once the shampoo is finished, rinse your hair and apply a detangling conditioner. Still in the shower, this step allows you to keep your hair wet while detangling. In fact, (unlike caucasian hair) frizzy hair is easier to detangle wet than dry. Water plays a key role : it rehydrates hair, makes the detangling easier and defines your curls. It is also important to use a large teeth brush to not traumatize the hair and keep beautiful curls. The advantage to stay in the shower : to avoid flooding your bathroom and putting hair everywhere.

Step 3 : the mask. Once your hair is rinsed and towel dried, apply a mask as a deep care. I suggest here to not re-detangle your hair in order to keep defined curls. To help the product to act faster and better penetrate the hair fiber, you can put a self-heating cap. The masks processing time is generally  about 30 minutes but I suggest you here to leave it as longer as you need (some hours or all night long if necessary). Hair will be deeply nourrished and  strong.


Step 4 : the day cream. This step has to be done daily to prevent hair dryness and preserve it from external aggressions (cold, pollution, wind). I generally apply what I like to call Crème de jour (Day Cream). As the skin, hair needs to be cared and protected, particularly during the winter. Choose your cream according your hair concerns (dry, damaged or breaking hair). This cream can also be used as a styling product. I like to use a hydrating cream which also redefines my curls.

Conclusion : My hair routine is the opportunity for me to get away, to take the time and mostly to feel beautiful with my hair. As I often remind, each person is different and needs more or less steps and different products according to each concern. Its up to you to create the ritual that fits to you!

I currently use the Suprem Oil range by Mizani which is dedicated to frizzy and kinky hair.


Here is my curls after a ritual

Healthy Curls

And you, what is your beauty ritual?

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