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Shes a renowned hairstylist at L.A and she started styling her hair at 9. She acquired her experience over the years and learnt from her mistakes. She notably tried relaxer, with the preconceived idea that more she would let the relaxer on her head, more her hair will be straight. But it caused her important hair problems. So after 1 year, she stopped making her hair suffer. Today she styles famous people and shes a reference in the hairdressing world.

During the Natural Hair Academy, Felicia gave us precious advice in terms of hair cares. Here are her beauty secrets.

How to choose your hairdresser ?

Felicia enlightens her audience about this process that may sometimes be difficult for the ones who fear to be disappointed.
1- First of all, she thinks that we need to feel a kind of connexion, a feeling with the person who receives us. If you dont have a relationship of trust with your hairstylist or the friend who styles your hair and who wishes you the best, is because this is not the right person for you.
2- Your hairdresser needs to well underestand your needs and the hairstyle you want. Felicia reminds us, that a good way to explain to your hairstylist what you want is to show him or her pictures of hairstyles or hair colors. It could help him or her to better apprehend your expectations.
3- You need to assure yourself your hairstylist perfectly masters high texture hair. For instance, a lot of hairdressers think that a straightening is needed before cutting frizzy or kinky hair while just a blow-drying is enought. Ask him or her the question without any complex. You can also ask about the pourcentage of clientele with natural hair he or she has in his or her hair salon.
4- Be transparent with your hairstylist. Tell him or her you are uncomfortable and suggest him or her to show you the length he or she wants to cut.

How to cut your hair?

Felicia explains it is possible to cut your hair by yourselves without having to go to the hair salon. For that, she advices to blow-dry your hair (in a cold temperature to not damage it, while applying a protective cream beforehand), to twist it and then to cut the ends at 1 inch (which corresponds to a half thumb). She recommends to cut the hair every 8 to 10 weeks. Several factors should alert us. For instance, if the ends are difficult to detangle and start to make knots or when there are a lot of little hair on the floor. The brushing must be done twice a month at most.

How to detangle your hair?

The detangling is an important step to maintain your frizzy or kinky hair. Felicia compares the detangling to hair that makes love and when we try to seperate it, it screams nooooo!!!!. Detangling must be done with the help of  conditioners to apply on damp or wet hair and with a large teeth comb. There are different kind of conditioners : deep conditioners or masks to leave it act for 30 minutes, preferably with addition of heat (hair-dryer or self-heating cap) and leave-in conditioners (with no-rinse) that can be used as a daily cream. In order to better determine the product that corresponds to your hair, Felicia suggests to try different conditioners on different parts of your head, to better see the results. Once the detangling is finished, you can make twists (really well-like for evening hairstyles).

How to maintain your hair during transition?

No matter the type of hair, it is always important to protect it from external agressions. In the winter, creams will protect your hair against cold and in the summer gels will preserve it from humidity. During a transition, twist-out and braids will help you making your 2 textures uniform (regrowth and relaxed parts). Felicia suggests to cut your hair little by little to help it growing healthy. Recommended products are : Castor Oil or Carapate Oil. Dietary supplements can also help you to provide the necessary nutrients for a better growth. Felicia also advices to cut your hair shorter at the back of your head and longer in the front to get more structure in your style. You can also dye your hair but pay attention to use non-aggressive products to cover your grey hair (Ex : henna).

I hope Felicias advice gave you some answers. But dont forget that becoming natural is a daily adventure that needs you to try again and again till finally find out the right product and method that fit to you.

So, dear curlfriends, take your combs! And see you soon for new advice.


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