Natural Hair Academy 2013



The last 9th and 10th of March took place the 2nd edition of the Natural Hair Academy on Bercy docks in Paris, during a 3h cruise dedicated to natural hair. A cant miss event as many key figures were here. To mention but a few : Felicia Leatherwood, a renowned american hairstylist specialised in frizzy hair; Karen Tappin, creator of the Karen’s body beautifull brand, Dr Kari Williams, dermatologist specialized in hair scalp, Sandra Buisson, responsible for Activilongs communication and also Ken Burkeen creator of the « famous » Hair Steamer (I didnt know it) but which seemed to meet with the unanimous approval from an audience of more than 150 curlfriends

The opportunity to rediscover ones hair Told me about your hair, Ill told you about you !

Many advice were provided by high texture hair experts. A valuable and endless source of information!!! The convention lasted 3h but would have lasted all day long as there were so many things to say about that hair, so special and unique. Many of us already know how to maintain frizzy or kinky hair. Nevertheless, this seminar made us realize that we dont know it enough. For instance, according to Ken Burkeen, there is a tendency to assume that to moisturise our hair, we need to apply olive oil. However, do you drink olive oil when youre thirsty? Then, why do give to your hair, things you wont give to your body? Weve also learnt that many  hair concerns could be linked to nutrition. Overindulgence or deficiency can influence our hairs life. To have beautiful and strong hair, you then need to drink  a lot and have healthy eating. The diet has to be less rich in refined sugars and include enough protein, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B.

The opportunity to discover brands To each type of hair, its product !

Hairloss, dry hair, breakage… Frizzy hair is fragile and needs the right products. Many brands were represented : Activilong with its new range Natural Touch, Karen bodys beautiful came straight from the United States or Viviscal which presented its dietary supplements range. Among these brands, I would also name : Les Secrets de Loly (Lolys secrets). A hand made brand, with 100% natural ingredients. Launched 3 years ago by Kelly Massol, it is now distributed in its store in the 12th district of Paris and on the Internet. Reassuring products that you would tempt to eat  like the Chantilly de Karité (She butter chantilly) : which has became the best-sellers brand !!!

The opportunity to meet key figures Felicia Leatherwood, honored!

An approchable and professional woman. Felicia is a model of beauty. Famous in the United States, she styles celebrities in her hair salon in Los Angeles and also has created « Loving your hair » the ultimate natural care workshop. What a pleasure to listen to this high texture hair expert, here to talk about her experience and to give us precious advice : How to choose your hairdresser? How to detangle a frizzy or kinky hair? How to cut your hair yourself? Many bloggers were also here to cover the event : NaturalDiamond, Afrosomething, Black beauty bag, Révèle-toi, La popote creyol, In the hair and many otherswhat wonderful ambassadors of the Black Beauty in France and thanks to whom we learn everyday. 

The opportunity to discover the natural hair uniqueness To each women, one type of hair !
Each person is unique and different. And genetic does things well as it gave to black women so beautiful hair and none of them is the same ! The mixing of cultures and multi-ethnicity have created a multitude of textures, each more beautiful than the last. Felicia reminded us the classification made for high texture hair or « hair codes » and the products adapted to each curls. I had the great honor to go on the stage for her demonstration. At this occasion, Ive learnt that my texture corresponds to a 3B (characterized by spiral tight curls) while I always thought I had 3C curls or 4A on some parts. Though, these are not the same products you use according your type of hair. Thats why, its important to know your hair well.

At this event, I discovered how many my curlfriends were. Many, who have made the choice to stay natural. But above all, many to seek for answers and solutions to their questions and concerns. I hope their found it at the Natural Hair Academy. For my own part and as the famous song « Amazing Grace » says : « I was blind but now I see ».

So, my Naturalistas, I hope to see you next year. Meanwhile, I suggest you to discover the beautiful pictures on the following blog :

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