My Puffy Style

21 Jan

My Puffy Style

Step 1 : Moisturize your hair with a leave in conditioner or a moisturizing cream. I personally use the Laura Sims Combing Cream from the Hydra-Intense Line which is dedicated to curly, frizzy or straightened hair.

Laura Sim's Combing Cream
This smooth and creamy non-rinse cream is made up of Shea Butter :
  • Nourishes and softens hair
  • Makes brushing easier without making hair heavy
  • Restores hair
  • Leaves the hair soft, perfectly moisturised, healthy and shiny

Application : 

  • Apply every day to dry or wet hair
  • Spread the cream to the length and ends. Do not rinse.

To achieve this style you need to have your hair as puffy as possible. Thats why I prefer do it on my dry hair.

Step 2 : Separate your hair in 2 sections : A small section in front of the head to create a fringe and a large section with the remaining hair to create a high bun.
Step 3 : Start with the large section and tie your hair up as high as possible. I like to have my hair very smooth on the side. To get it, I use a wax and a flat brush made up with boar bristle that really helps me to flatten my hair.


Step 4 : Finish with the front section and create a fringe. My hair is in reality too long to have a real fringe thats why I created a fake one in putting bobby pins to secure my hair the length I wanted it to be. As my hair is puffy, nobody can even notice the pins.

The must :  To create more depth on my hair natural color, I used a temporary hair color :  The Blush Satine Intense Mahogany shade. It is very natural and more or less visible according the light intensity.

Blush Satine Dark Mahogany

What do you think about this hairstyle?

Feel free to send me your pictures with the result on your hair.

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