The different types of hair

6 Jan


Scientists recognize 3 types of hair : Asian, Caucasian and African. But migrations and multi-ethnicity have created so many different hair textures that is important to categorize.

The three basic ethnic groups
The difference between the 3 basic ethnic groups is not just about immediate visual aspects of the hair (color, shape). Other distinctive criteria are involved, even if it is not immediately perceptible to the naked eye.

Here are the different criteria to differenciate them :

Ethnic groups hair types

Source : centre clauderer

Another classification has been created by Andre Walker (Oprahs hair stylist), who has classified hair into various hair types in his book Andre Talks Hair. This system is the most commonly used to classify hair textures and is really useful to determine the best products to use for your hair.

The Andre Walker typing system includes both a number and a letter to typify hair. Hair is then classified into four types. Essentially 1=straight, 2= wavy, 3= curly, 4= kinky.

Here are the different hair features :

Hair classification

Andre Walkers classification picture

type-cheveux-andre walker

Here is Andre Walkers website :

I also suggest you to have a look on Naturally Curly blog which gives a complete overview of different curls patterns and suggest specific products according to your hair types :

And you, what is your hair type? I am a 3C

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