The wig is an inexpensive attribute that allows you to hide baldness and change your image

A mulatto girl in a beautiful gray wigModern women can change their appearance in many different ways, visiting beauty salons, using cosmetics and wigs. The first wigs appeared many centuries ago, but then for their manufacture used not the materials that are now. Once the wig was an indispensable attribute of British judges, they were worn by both movie stars and actresses. Also, wigs were very helpful to women who had lost their hair due to typhus or other illness. Wigs are in great demand in our days, and they are worn not only by bald ladies.

Perhaps the first fashion for wigs appeared several centuries ago during the epidemic of syphilis - the people suffering from it were bald. To make attributes that allowed people to hide their bald patches, they used silk threads, dried grass, corn and hemp fibers. And the creation of wigs in the Middle Ages was a very profitable trade.

In the twentieth century, the fashion for wigs appeared again, but they were no longer made from dried grass and corn fibers, but from nylon, acrylic, kanekalon, and also natural female hair purchased from young women. Wigs are bought, worn and worn by actresses, representatives of show business, and just young girls who like to sometimes change their image and appearance with the help of improvised means. Thanks to a wig, any fair-haired beauty can instantly reincarnate into a red-haired coquette or even a female vamp with a blue-black hairstyle. Sometimes wigs are worn by officers of security agencies for the purpose of camouflage.

Quality wigs should not be different from natural hair, therefore for their manufacture apply both thermally processed real hair, and some artificial fibers, the structure of which is similar to the structure of natural female hair. To the basis of the wig elastic bands and / or silicone strips are fastened, thanks to which it is fixed securely on the head.

That wigs served the hostess for many years, without losing their natural and presentable appearance, they should be looked after, applying special balms and shampoos. Regardless of how many wigs are present in the collection of a woman (one or three or four), each of them must be stored on a special blank, and after washing, dry with cold air using a hair dryer.

Before buying a wig, you need to find out which country it is made in and try it on. In the world market there are a lot of inexpensive wigs of Chinese origin, but since the skulls of Chinese women are somewhat different in structure, the Chinese wig may not be enough for other women.

Wearing a high quality wig, the girl will be able to go to work or to a nightclub, to meet with a business partner or a loved one. That's just swimming in the pool or the sea in a wig is not recommended.

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